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Emerald Solutions

Affordable, Standardized

Emissions Calculations and Climate Risk Analysis


Calculate your Emissions

Affordable, standardized ESG reporting that is easy to understand and meets all regulatory requirements.  We are your sustainability team without the high costs, months long efforts and confusing results.


Analyze your Risks

Understand your environmental impact so that you can make the right decisions for your business as well as the world.  Our climate risk analysis is aligned with the standards put forth by global leaders and will let your customers, investors and auditors know that you are working towards a better future. 


Know your Roadmap

Gain a clear understanding of where you are and what you can do to continue your sustainability journey while remaining responsible to your business.  We outline your paths of opportunity and highlight the stumbling blocks in your way.

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Why Should Your Business Understand Its Environmental Impact?

Access to Free and Low Interest Capital

There are hundreds of millions of dollar available in grant funding and venture capital for businesses who provide ESG disclosures.  In addition, most lenders provide easier underwriting, lower interest rates and more favorable plans.

Reduced Regulatory Risk

Some state and federal laws require ESG disclosures, and failure to provide them can lead to legal or regulatory risk.  It is important to stay well ahead of policy changes and anticipate potential compliance issues before they happen.

Appeal to Growing Customer Demand for Disclosure

Customers are increasingly prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility in their purchasing decisions, and ESG disclosure can help build trust and loyalty with these conscious consumers.

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