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Opportunity Matrix

The Opportunity Matrix™ is our unique offering to provide you a simple, easy to understand visualization of solutions that will serve you best.

The Opportunity Matrix highlights a range of sustainability solutions that make sense for your company by comparing impact, cost, and customer connection. We offer a free encapsulation of your current sustainability footprint based on publicly available information from customers, investors and regulators as well as a paid version using specific data that is easily accessible through a brief, intrusive engagement.

Opportunity Matrix Example.png

The four quads of the graph define the nature of the solution. The target is to focus on
solutions that are balanced by being good for sustainability and good for your business.
Those are represented in the top right chart with low cost and high impact.


Positive effect on the environment. 

The Y axis shows reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from lowest to highest moving bottom to top.


Savings to your company’s expenditures. 

The X axis shows cost from lowest to highest moving right to left.


Public and customer perception. 

The sizes of the bubbles highlight how much the solution matters to your audience.

Get Your Free Version

Answer the following questions to the best of your ability and we will provide your Opportunity Matrix free of charge.  This is our way of creating positive change and showing a small glimpse of what we can do to help you understand your environmental impact.

Starred fields are the only ones that are required.  Including information for the other fields will simple increase the accuracy and shorten the time it takes us to complete your report. 

Thanks for submitting! We will send your Opportunity Matrix in the next 2 business days.

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