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Blades of Grass

Our Offerings

Sustainability Solutions

Business Insights and Roadmap

How It Helps

  • Gives you visibility into how to reduce costs such as supply chain and infrastructure

  • Helps you avoid penalties by state and federal agencies

  • Gives you access to financial benefits such as lower interest rates, grants and capital investment

  • Creates higher customer approval and engagement

What's Included

  • Detailed reports for Emissions Estimate, High Level Risk Analysis, and Solutions Recommendations

  • Full Environmental Section of ESG Disclosure

  • Data driven roadmap for internal and/or public consumption

Solution Analysis

How It Helps

  • Gives you guidance and recommendations to help take a strategic step towards sustainability

  • Provides tools to make informed decisions on sustainability solutions

  • Provides information to negotiate with solution providers from a position of knowledge

What's Included

  • Solution Proposal Document

  • Solution Research and Comparisons

  • Comparative price range projections for solution providers


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