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Emerald Solutions

Helping businesses of all sizes

understand their environmental impact

Sustainability Solutions

Using our patent pending model, we offer you affordable, simple business insights and roadmaps that calculate your emissions output, analyze your climate risk, and provide informative solution recommendations that arm you with data allowing you to spend your money on action instead of just measurement.   


Our unique, industry approved disclosure preparation and sustainability report services provide everything your organization needs to be compliant with State and Federal policies, positively share your sustainability footprint and environmental risk, and generate customer-facing or internal strategic reports that you can own and easily repeat year-over-year.

Strategic Expertise

Whether you need deep, world-class expertise from leaders who have run sustainability organizations at the largest scale, or skilled, technical expertise that knows how to source, transform, aggregate and visualize data, we can provide rapid and iterative consulting services that accelerate your efforts and ensure that you're heading in the right direction for your business. 

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Why Should Your Business Understand Its Environmental Impact?

Access to Free and Low Interest Capital

There are hundreds of millions of dollar available in grant funding and venture capital for businesses who provide ESG disclosures.  In addition, most lenders provide easier underwriting, lower interest rates and more favorable plans.

Reduced Regulatory Risk

Some state and federal laws require ESG disclosures, and failure to provide them can lead to legal or regulatory risk.  It is important to stay well ahead of policy changes and anticipate potential compliance issues before they happen.

Appeal to Growing Customer Demand for Action

Customers are increasingly prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility in their purchasing decisions, and actions such as publishing an ESG disclosure can help build trust and loyalty with these conscious consumers.

Sustainability Solutions

Spend your budget on improving your footprint and your bottom line, not just measuring it.

Business Insights and Roadmap

  • Sustainability Reporting Package with Standard Metrics​

  • Full Environmental Section of ESG Disclosure

  • Roadmap with solutions, timelines, cost/benefit analysis, estimated ROIs provider assessments

Solutions Exploration

  • Guidance and recommendations to help take a strategic step towards sustainability

  • Tools to make informed decisions on sustainability solutions

  • Information to negotiate with solution providers from a position of knowledge


Craft polished internal and public facing reports to showcase your sustainability initiatives 

Financial Report

Disclosure Preparation

  • Emissions Disclosure

  • Emissions Disclosure Explanation Guide

  • Detailed Emissions Footprint

  • Detailed Emissions Intensity

  • Detailed Risk Analysis

Sustainability Report Preparation

  • Source data analysis and acquisition

  • Report and data visualization generation

  • Repeatability and automation for continued use

  • Sustainability report explanation Guide

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Strategic Expertise

Leverage career sustainability executives and data experts to make your organization an industry leader

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Strategic Consulting

  • World class knowledge and experience from experts who have led large teams and organizations through successful sustainability transformations

  • Familiarity and relationships with leading sustainability solutions and professionals in related fields such as supply chain and infrastructure

Data Services

  • Data engineering and business intelligence best practices

  • Rapid, iterative data architecture and development

  • Familiarity and relationships with leading data platforms and tooling

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